Opal identification

Hi I have a new pendant I bought in China town yesterday. I payed 1600$usd. It weighs 244.7 carats or 48.95 grams (including gold total weight) it glows under uv and is phosphorescent. Can anyone tel me what type of Opal? Is it Opal? Was I stripped off? I cannot get a clear answer from anyone who has looked and it so anything helps at this point.

This is just my opinion, I have been buying and cutting opal for about six years, looks to me to be white base opal from Coober Pedy, Australia. If I am correct about the origin and type and if the gold setting is real solid gold, then you were most definitely “not” “stripped off”!! The phosphorescence is a strong indicator that it is Australian opal and not Ethiopian opal.

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Add on from previous entry: I just noticed some round, blue/green stones set on the outside of the main stone which also have phosphorescence. My guess for those is that they are “dark” or “black” opals from Lightning Ridge, Australia. If that is true, then that would add to the value of the piece. Of course this is only my amateur opinion. I strongly suggest you get the piece appraised by a reputable gemstone or jewelry appraiser and get the stones tested and certified by a gemologist. If everything is what it appears to me to be, you could have a valuable piece far above the price you paid for it.