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Opal cut quality & value

Hello all. A few months back I bought my first rough opals from Ethiopia. After doing research, it was difficult to find a cutter here in the Washington D.C area, so I was forced to get them cut in Ethiopia. Since I am new, it’s very difficult for myself to judge the quality of the cut, and the quality and value of opals after being cut. I want to learn, any valuable input will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Look at them with a 10X. The surface should be glassy smooth with no sharp sanding marks. It’s easy to get a smooth finish with cerium oxide, but some cutters get lazy and finish with 14k (or even 50k) so the finish will not perfect.
The cut looks like standard third-world commercial. Some of them have good color, but it’s difficult to judge from a single photo. However, a few are not much above potch.

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I don’t know what you paid, but these may give you something to compare to.

List/Retail on the first two is about USD $3ct, the third lot is much nicer and is listed at USD $12ct retail.

Contact me directly for wholesale pricing please.

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Le mieux est d acheter une cabbing machine .c est facile d en trouver au usa .et de commencer a polir .vous gagnerez en temps et en argent .et quelle satisfaction .je fais cela depuis quelque temps ! C est genial .