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Hello everyone, Brand new to gem cutting, just got back my fathers old Graves machine that I sold to a family friend when I was 16. Fast forward 20 some years and I was able to buy it back with a renewed interest and time. I have been following Tom Herbst’s 2 excellent volumes of Amateur Gem Cutting. My question: Is there a good online reference source for patterns or diagrams for gem cuts? Any info appreciated, Thanks - Steve

There’s a few online but Facet Diagrams have several thousand, searchable diagrams, all the ones I’ve tried (its not that many) cut ok. Good luck with it. :+1:

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Thousands of diagrams online, a good resource is you can select designer, index, type of cut, RI etc. What’s there will test you for 100s of years.

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Best is:

Facet Diagrams for Cutting Gemstones -
Gemstone Faceting Diagrams and Technical Cutting Information - International Gem Society
Faceting Designs - The Gemology Project



Steven as you can see there are several on line sources for gem designs but what you will find are instructions to cut to a hundredth of a degree. Unfortunately, your machine is not designed for this so round up and down to the nearest whole degree. I have been faceting since 1971 and have only gone to a digital machine in the last couple of years when i had my Ultra Tec retro fitted. Mike

Hi Steven,

A further resource that is available for free currently is “Twelve Easy Faceting Gemstone Designs” by Andrew Brown and Mark Oros. It is available on The Australian Lapidary Forum at That would be a great place to start with faceting.

Andrew’s website is and Mark’s website is

Wow thank you all for the directions! Lots of good looking diagrams online! NeilB93460 I am currently cutting the 150 emerald cut from the beginner book in a little clear piece of citrine. Now I do have a question about degrees: I understand that 1/10 of a degree fact is important (0.1) and Graves does make an adjustable stop (which i am thinking of getting) that is graduated for 1/10th of a degree, however is there a real point in going to the hundredth of a degree (0.01) ? that seems like something like fisherman say (which I also love) is meant to catch the fisherman, not the fish, or in this case meant to catch the gemcutter rather than enhancing the gem, now again I am a complete newbie, and have next to no real experience, but please tell me if I am wrong!

You need to go no further than right here, see IGS site for faceting recipes… Blink: Online Faceting Designs and Diagrams - International Gem Society

Or on Google type in “gem faceting designs”, get a cup of coffee and have fun browsing all the free sites there!

Hi Steve,
I found this in case if that will be helpful.

Another one is Charles Carmona, who is an author and GG.
Following is his link

Hope this helps.