Online accessible jewelry appraisals and reports

GemRap’s online, cloud-based and secure website now allows small and large businesses and appraisers the opportunity to provide customers their own appraisals, and reports to be accessible online with multi-images.

Instead of the usual paper-only appraisals, and reports, GemRap members can use the following services:
24/7 Online-Accessible Appraisals and Reports
Upload By a Desktop Computer, Tablet or Mobile Device in a Few Easy Steps
Insurance Carrier Recommended
Business Name or Logo Watermark on All Uploaded Images
Laser Inscription Images
Daily Cloud-Based Secure Backups

Consumer Benefits:
Confidential & private login-based access.
24/7 Online accessible appraisals and reports in case of a loss or theft.
Access to multi-angled images of the product.
Insurance Carrier recommended.
SSL secured website.

Members can use GemRap services while utilizing their own appraisals and imaging equipment for photographs.

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