Offset Dop instructions

Hello all,

Was wondering if anyone uses, or has used the offset dop used for (I believe) preforming ovals and Marquis cuts. Is this used throughout the cut or only for preforming or cutting girdle outline? I cannot seem to find any info on using them, if anyone has any instructions or even a video of its use it would be greatly appreciated. I have one but have no idea how its used.

Thanks all!


An offset dop may indeed be used for preforming some stones such as ovals. I personally prefer to preform my stones by hand and eye to get them close then put them on a standard dop that fits the stone to begin faceting. I can see the value of an offset dop however, if you were trying to turn out many stones the same size. But it is an extra step that takes more time. I have faceted many many ovals, marquis and even shield cuts without the use of an offset dop and they come out like perfection.

Thank you Gem Hunter,I wondered how much it would be used, I never saw my dad using it and he did cut a lot of ovals, and I have my first oval preform dopped up right now and haven’t used it. Hopefully it will come out well!