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Odd ball Rhodolite

I have acquired a couple stones over the years which were purported to be Rhodolite Garnets. I believe, after careful study, them to be on a higher plain than just Rhodolite.
The largest of the the three is 3.37cts. All have identical characteristics and are definitely Garnet.
In noon sunlight they are rose pink but the larger is deep rose pink. When you hit them with bright LED the color shifts to bright, sparkling, deep purple with rose flashes. Even in sunlight.
I don’t remember from whom I bought them but I think I got far more than I paid for.
I have researched color shift stones in depth and have come to the conclusion they’re Malawi. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get my new phone up which has a camara capable of catching true color. Imagine that!
My question is does anyone here have any idea as to whether or not I’m accurate in my conclusions?

It is fairly typical for rhodolite from Africa to have color shift properties. Some, but not all. Yes, it is worth more than non-color shift rhodolite, but I don’t have any figures on it, as my price guide does not include it in pricing data. I don’t think we are talking $1000/ct, which you might ask for color change red to blue garnet, but perhaps twice what a typical rhodolite garnet might bring? You’d just have to put it out there and see what people are willing to pay. -royjohn

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Thank you RoyJohn. Wise analysis. Pretty much the same thoughts I have.
I have a couple red to blues but both under .50cts. Beautiful! I also have a bunch of green to red from .34 to 1.57 carats with two matched pairs.
My main concern on this 3.11ct. shifter is not what it’s worth but where it came from. I suspect Africa and probably Mozambique.
***BY GOLLY! Thanks to your comment, a hunch it keyed and a quick search… EUREKA! Check this out, FYI:
What is Malawi Garnet? | Gemporia
Thank you again RoyJohn, for spurring the thought. Now I know. This is why I joined this club 4 years ago.
PS-I still intend to post pictures. You have to see this to appreciate it.

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Hi Toby,

For what it’s worth, the color shift rhodolite I have was sent to me

by someone in Malawi, but I don’t know if it originated there or

not. I thought it possibly was brought to him by some gem dealer

from somewhere else…but given what you say, perhaps not…


Lots of gems will shift depending on lights. We currently have been cutting and have it available in the rough (1/4 kilo), Rhodolite (Umbalite) which shifts from Ruby Red, to Magenta to Burgundy - depending on the lights/wavelengths. We have it available faceted for about $100/ct though some ‘similar’ material we have seen it selling for about $150-$175/ct. (Of course, one can find it selling for even more at times.)

this sounds like a good answer,I have some too.

Since I responded, I saw a parcel for sale on FB for $2.50/ct for pieces that would cut out at about 1-2 ct.
The color shift was from a salmon/brown to a violet, from what I saw. -royjohn

They sound awesome. I’d loved to see those pics!