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Observing Ruby

Hello Everyone, I wonder there are so many gemologists here, my query is how to observe a Ruby immersed and under cross polars under microscope.

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Aloha Ramesh. There are many articles on this website that can help you. Go to Learning Center, then go to Gemology, then to Gemology Tools. There you will find information and videos about the Polariscope. It will walk you through all the steps. I do not know how to use a polariscope or an immersion cell, otherwise I would help you. Best of luck!


Hi! There are some things you need that are very important using the immersion Cell. One a good non toxic R.I. Solution ( one that comes close to the R.I. of Corundum) ( there are a few on the market) It all helps when you are looking to see if it’s heated or has any fillers. In addition U.V. Light source can tell you quite a bit about heated but use protective eye wear. Lastly Good magnification. I use 90X and up but its all personal. If your looking to just see if it been beryllium heated you could use something like snake oil or even cinnamon oil. It all depends on what your trying to find out.

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Hi, Actually sometimes the challenge faced is that the ruby is real (natural)but it is clean no inclusions no silk… Then what’s the key to confirm its real and not synthetic.