Non heated Ruby Treatments

I have a GIA report that says my Burma ruby is not heated, but that it has treatment. What kinds of treatment are used in rubies that do not require heat?


Hi there it is probably a glass filled treatment this is very common amongst the corundum family, It is probably the most common after the heat treatment as the first most favoured treatment… As these are the two that are the best for fixing inclusions and optic no no’s in the gem, if it is not that or one of those two it could also be that it maybe got irradiated to improve the colour but you would have to send it in to IGS or GIA to determine further what exactly the treatment could be as this is a tough one to crack without further lab testing.


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Thank you for your reply. Question: doesn’t the glass fill process require heat? The GIA report says my ruby has “no evidence of heat treatment.” I don’t understand how you can have an unheated ruby that is glass filled. Can you enlighten me further? Much appreciated!



Furnaces, Fluxes and Filling: A Review of Ruby Treatment …
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Oct 15, 2020