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Newbie to gemstone cutting

I’ve been cutting for about two years but only easy cuts and money cuts by Jeff graham. I would love to get more cutting in but as we all know time waits for no one and my hobby that I wish to make a job gets put on hold so I can pay my bills first. So I’m would love to learn as much as I can to pursue my new found love of cutting gems so that some day it could really be a job for me instead of just a hobby.

Im am as new as new can be–ive yet to finnish cutting a stone…even though i have started and put aside 3 different stones. Ofcourse I expected it to be slow going since I have no formal training and literature and the internet being my only teachers–oh and mistakes also are great teachers as well.
I wish you luck but most of all I wish you determination. It seems this 'hobby" is quite demanding–constantly invading my thoughts, making me yearn for my drip tank in the midst of an unrelated conversation and that really unique sound a stone will make on a lap when the cutting for that facet on that lap is done–“tsikk-tsikk-tsikk”.
I believe that even though I surely know nothing about gemstone cutting and the art of etc. I do know one thing: she is a demanding and greedy mistress–and you will find yourself devoted completely!
And if you do not then perhaps you should simply enjoy your hobby…and keep paying your bills.