Newbie need help with some gems

Hi everyone,

I’m from Paris, France and a total newbie to this amazing gem world.
I just started to read articles but i’m a bit lost sometimes.
Anyway can somebody help me value some of the gems I have.
Here’s a 0,26 alexandrite with an HKD certificate.
is it worth something ?

Natural Chrysoberyl, color change Green to purplish red, IR : 1,74, oval facetted cut. 0,26 carat.

Picture attached below.
Thanks for any help.

Hi Kevmerlet, can you advise on this Alexandrite, it looks to me as though it has a healed fracture across the table??? also can you more distinctly advise of the colour change at this stage I have a Medium very strongly bluish green to a slightly greyish/medium purple;

let me know thks and I may be able to give you a rough retail price



Thanks for answering. I would say there isn’t a fracture on the table. For the color it’s right about the green color, but it is more reddish than grayish purple.

Here’s another stone if you can help me with it.
It’s a 27,15 carat citrine from Brazil, clarity IF, oval facetted

Thanks again for any advices.


Hi Kevin I am not a valuer but at a rough guess your Alexandrite could be worth anywhere between $500 to $600 USD if it does not have any healed fracture just looking at the photo there does appear to show something on the table. You should try and get an opinion from a registered valuer

as far as the citrine goes you would really need to know if it has been treated or in fact that it may be a synthetic. Many large Citrines on the market are synthetic these days.

Thanks a lot for your help. I ve an appointment with a gemologist to have my gems evaluated. We’ll see. Anyway thanks again.

Okay thanks Kevin, I wold be interested to know the value
thanks again

Hi Kevmerlet,

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Thank you very much in this regard.

Hope to hear from you soon!!.

More blue sapphires