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Newbie - looking for guidance

Wow! I am a rock lover and now a new member to GS! With interests in hosting estate sales, I want to make sure that all are appraised accurately. A couple of starter questions: which top identification tool do you consider a life saver and must have? I’m looking to buy either new or used.

The mini series on here is available with my membership… if all are completed is there a “mini” certificate and validity to use?

Ultimately I want to provide certified appraisals and on a major budget… any grants or payment plans for the course?

Is there a group or shop in Dallas that is a member of GS?

Last question, I would love to have text books for the course…call me old fashioned but it’s my style.

Thanks for the guidance- feeling excited just a bit overwhelmed with the information overload.

A good quality Raman Spectrometer will save you hours.

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Nice! I love efficiency and will take a look! Thank you for the guidance - very helpful.

You might also join the USFG. Or at least look at their website. Their is a wealth of information and great people all over the world just like here. I agree with the spectrometer. Also the best loupe you can afford

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Excellent choice.