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New trapiche Amethyst from Brazil

I would like to know more about trapiche like pattern amethyst.
After a long research, I didn’t find any trapiche with a perfect star and dark, like this ones.
If someone has the knowlege and can tell more about this beautiful trapiche-like amethysts and also have any ideia regarding the pricing of this type of material, i’ll be grateful.

Two short articles from Gems and Gemology…

Trapiche-like Amethyst from Brazil

Trapiche Gems


Thank you Hobart. This already helps a lot in research.

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We have frequently provided gems/minerals to GIA for study and many have been written up in GIA’s Gems and Gemology, including this Amethyst Trapiche. See the article in this link:

A few of these that have been published are available for sale. One has been sold.

Some collectors seek out published items and we have a decently large selection where our gems have appeared in newspapers, magazines including some found on airlines, books (two editions by Wallis), trade journals like Gems & Gemology and many websites with permission such as International Gem Society. (And even on a CD of Classical Music).

From Brasil ??? I doubt it very much. Unless from an unknown location

Hello Allen, thanks for de information, I remenber you from Tucson in 2019, we was 3 guys.
We talk briefly at AGTA Hall, and show you some red amethyst gems from our own mine in Rondônia - Brazil. Amethyst Costa Marques. Its nice to have news about you.
Now we discovery this type of trapiche in the mine, and we are searching for more knowledge about it.

Yes Bro. it came from Brazil - Rondônia.
This type of material has been extracted from our own mine, but we have not yet placed it on the market. for 5 years we have been preparing all the structure and documentation to make everything ethical.
we are going to present this material for the first time on Denver gem show.

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Great to hear this. Congratulations. Wish you success. If you ever come to Salvador/Bahia, we could meet at my shop.

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Please send me booth details and I will visit you in Denver - WhatsApp +66808206802 Ciao, Jeffery