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New person looking for some Pointers

So my life is transitioning from being married to single, and i have always wanted to learn gems and sell them. As you can see i have a membership to IGS, so im going thru ALL their info and training.

however like anything i have done, sometimes experience is the best teacher. So… I would like to hear some stories of experience Whats it like being in this industry and if you could go meet you when you first started, what would be the BIGGEST piece of advice you would tell yourself?

Youtube has been awesome as the web has as well… however i feel their is ALOT of things not talked about that others could learn from. SO… here i am asking.


Have a look at my blog, in particular, investing in gems.

Also, my ‘about us’ videos may be helpful:

Best of luck with your business!

David Saad

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I am interested in buying your Emerald, contact me on my email