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Hi All,
Just a quick question, As i mentioned previously, i do trade in Gemstone business of buying/selling here in the United Kingdom. I’m currently planning to make both low
and medium end cost Jewelleries. I have purchased a large amount of Rhodolite Garnets/Red Garnets for the low grade types, and other stones for the medium end to start the Jewellery making business. But what i don’t have is how to go about it. Has anyone gone through the same process? Can you please share some experiences/ advise or recommend good companies that can produce jewelleries for me at a reasonable prices( Preferably in the UK/EU)

Your Kind/ honest opinion/feedback would be much appreciated.





I am British but split my time between England and Brazil where I buy and cut stones then bring them back to the U.K. to sell. I have from low to very high quality. Amethyst, aqua marine, tourmaline, emeralds, etc. To make them into jewellery you can easily buy on the internet or in London the pendant holders, rings with claw, earrings with stone holders and simply make your own jewellery, available in silver, gold and platinum. I am currently in Brazil getting more stones but will be back in the U.K. end of April. If you want to give me your contact maybe we can do something when I return?

Thanks David.

Good to hear from you. My mobile number is +447940517223. Office number: +441322291756. I have my office in Dartford, kent.

Please give me a shout whenever you are around.

But my aim is to make mass productions of jewelleries for the garnets stocks that i currently have.

I purchased it from a company that was closing down in idar oberstain, Germany. I bought all their stocks of different garnets totalling 18kgs of different sizes and cuts/carats.

I have some friends (Goldsmith and gemstone faceter) in Hatton garden and bound street that have made couple of single rings me in the past for a customer.

Hopefully we will catch up when you are around in the UK.

Stay safe.


Hi there dear friend this is what I do for living pleas feel free to contact me on +27628364146 my name is Jarryed I am on WhatsApp to keep your costs down. I would love to help

Im not sure what you mean by:

“recommend good companies that can produce jewelleries for me at a reasonable prices”

I thought you wanted to make jewelry? You can find cheap jewelry already made online, as well as gemstones, if you want to make your own. You usually have to buy gemstones in bulk to get a decent price and just shop around online.

I started my business by selling at flea markets, which ended quickly as I changed to art shows. It has done well for me but art shows are changing and everything is online now.

The sister site Orchid/Ganoksin is a jeweler’s website. I have belonged to it for years, having made my own jewelry… the site is mostly professional jewelers… you should look into it and ask questions there. If you already have the dimensions of the stones, prefab finding are readily available… if you never have set a stone, and don’t want to risk breaking one or more of them, it would be best to take it to a professional jeweler to be set. Thiagems used to make jewelry to your own design specs and use your stones… I don’t know if they still are in business… it was a big outfit in Thailand and is a reputable company. Making your own jewelry is an art and a pleasure… beginners can take classes locally and there are thousands of instructional videos available thru the Orchid site that can guide you thru every step in casting or fabricating you own jewelry…if you want to be in the jewelry making and selling business it would be most helpful if you started to make your own… that way you will learn what it takes to produce them on a commercial/business scale. Hiring experience jewelers to start a manufacturing workshop will be a very expensive proposition… the value of jewelry stems from the artistic design, craftsmanship and skilled labor, more than it does from medium priced stones, the process requires a ton of equipment and is very labor intensive. Jewelry markups are high because the carrying costs are also high… very few people buy, most just come in to look… The best advise that you can get is on Ganoksin/orchid, as nearly all of the members are commercial jewelers. I strongly urge you to join and ask of those people. if you go to a retail commercial outlet to have your jewelry made to set the stones that you have, be prepared to pay a lot…good luck on your endeavours.