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New Here

My name is Victoria, I just recently started getting into gemstones afte my husband sent me down to a jewelry store to pick out my 10 year wedding ring and after that I was hooked. I also am planning on becoming a gemologist appraiser.


i am sure you will find help and loads of info here, and the courses are just super, have fun with studying

thank you. just getting going and so far i am loving it and have passed a few mini courses as it was to see how this works. decided i will finish all mini courses before moving on to my certification courses. I have been enjoying these mini courses a lot.

thank you for the reply, i too am working my way through the mini courses and intend to do the gemologist certification. the website is packed full of information its great to meet another student who is hooked on gems too, good luck with all of your courses

You’re welcome. thank you for the warm welcome. i dont know anyone in the gemology field and its great to see and meet others that are just as interested. good luck on your courses too.