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New Here

Thanks to my dads love and knowledge of gemology, he has inspired me to partner with him and learn the family business! I have opened an online boutique, MasaVintageJewerly to sell inventory of vintage jewelry.
My career is in nursing with 20 years under my belt. I really didn’t think I have what it takes to learn the world of gemology and was too overwhelmed with it all to start. But all it took was a vintage Thompsonite ring from the home state of my Dad, Minnesota. And once I dug into the history of Thompsonite, I was hooked! Because I love art and history and if I hadn’t gone into healthcare, that would have been my career path. Since then, I’ve been learning as much as I can with every piece of jewelry or gemstone I come across. But the best part of this journey is the relationship I’ve been building with my dad. And if nothing else comes of my small business, it was worth every second I’ve spent learning from him.
My goal is to continue with my education in gemology and to inspire others to fall in love with these pieces to hand down in their own families for generations to come.