New Gemstone Website - Feedback requested


I am just putting feelers out to see if more experienced dealers can give me some feedback on my website. Still needs some work on it and additional information, but just to see if anything seems off that I may be missing.

If anyone has any comments please join the conversation.



This is Milan from Sri Lanka.
I saw your website.

I am adding you some links of some professional websites for you to have some idea on how to develop your website.It looks professional to me though I think you can develop it more to make it a good hit on Google.
Follow those two links below which I hope you would find them useful of.

Thank you

Nicely done site with well photographs images. A gem is dynamic and meant to be viewed in motion. In the past few years I have become a fan of using short videos to show the gem in motion. I think videos are more compelling to a potential buyer as well.


The website is nice. Feels easy to read. However the heart logo seems like it’s of lower quality than the rest of the site and doesn’t match. It might be nice to get a designer to update the logo’s look a bit.