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New Gemstone Dealer looking for tips on inventory

Hello! I am setting up my new business as a gemstone dealer. I have good connections and can source product pretty well. However, I am not sure where the best outlets are for selling. Etsy seems a bit crowded and honestly full of treated and lab created junk. I only want to sell real stones and very limited if no treatments at all. Initially I wanted to just go around to jewelers in my area but I have no idea where these small jewelers are already sourcing. Is it plausible to simply approach them with inventory on hand or would they most likely already be buying direct from sri lanka or bangkok? How much inventory should I have and should I specialize in few types. My thought is to specialize, but I dont want to miss out on other market opportunities. Thank you for any kind advise in advance!

Hi Corry,

I have a number of Burmese unheated rubies bought by myself rough from the Mogok miners which I got professionally cut by the Gem Expert company in Bangkok during the early 2000s.
Also, I have some rare gems from this Mogok Stone Tract.
If you are interested, please reply.
Cheers, Klaus.