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New colorchange gem, Turkish Diaspore

Im seeing a little more of this colorchange stone on the webs-anybody know very much about this material-would make a nice jewelry item-m76steve…

The Turkish diaspore material changes color in larger sizes, and it is reasonably rare. I’ve heard it referred to as “Zultanite” by various folks who are marketing it.

More info on it is here;

It is known as Zultanite or by Gems TV, Csarite. They tend to buy most of it up from the mine owner Murat. The quality coming from his mine is extremely good but beware of cheaper heavily included pieces and counterfeit as it has become quite desirable. I have various pieces ranging from 1.46ct to 3.52, but as stated before, colour change is rarely detectable under 2+ carats. Probably a potential investment stone, but buy as clean and large as you can afford.

On 7/18/2014, JTV did a show on turkish diaspore, zultinite, & a woman rep. of the company selling the stones & info was telling viewers how rare & hard to cut this fairly new material is. She was telling viewers that any stones over 5cts was in the top 3% of gem quality material for sale at this time. Stones over 7cts, gem quality being eye clean, is just over 1% of available cut stones. She is saying more designers r requesting more of the material as prices go up w/demand, the largest stone in the show was a 12.25ct, round, selling price is $18,000.00 & has been on their site for several months, the avg price from JTV is @ $1,000.00/ct. This color change material is supposed to b from a single source mine 4000 ft elevation in turkey. Im showing new pics of my stone in candlelight & fluorescent light-m76steve…