New 120 index faceting design


I was entrusted with a what I was told is a very beautiful faceting design that I would like to pass on to a cutter who is interested in cutting this 120 index design. All I ask in return is I would like to see what the stone looks like after it is cut. :slight_smile:

If you are interested in the design please contact me and I will happily pass on.

Thank you,


I would be happy to try your design. I have a 120 index gear and can run the design in gemcad to see how it performs optically before cutting it.
Mike Sassaman
MiSa Gemstones

Hello Cindy,
I facet stones and very much love to cut different shapes:) I’m always looking for interesting patterns.
What material is your pattern designed for?
If you would like to see some of my work I’m on Instagram vividgemstones:)

I don’t believe I have replied in this fashion before so I hope this works. (Please forgive if I mess this up) I have some pictures of a “Pentagon Star” design cut by Vincent Fuller which personally I think came out beautifully!


Cindy Leazer

Hi thanks for the reply
Yes very beautiful and would love to cut it, if you are interested in me cutting it maybe send the info to
Then we can figure out the details and keep in contact:)
Are you interested in the stone after it is cut?
Thanks again

I tried to respond to your email address but it came back non existant or could not find.


P,s, Try emailing me directly at

Hi I sent you a email:)
Hope you received it…
Know why other email didn’t work because I spelt it wrong lol
Anyways thanks again