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Need your help for this stone

does anyone know this stone that has reflections that change color depending on the direction of the light?
for my part never seen that

is it very soft? scratches easily with a knife or even a penny?

I could be wrong, but it looks like broken dichroic glass, it shows a line in the 3rd picture where the dichroic film is.

it must not be glass because this stone was found in the desert of Mali.
I recently bought a mystical topaz which also gives color reflections but it is due to a treatment, I do not think it exists in its raw state.
I also thought of a moonstone without certainty

the line you seem to see is the edge of 2 facets, I have a video but it is not possible to put it on the site, I will ask my contact to do other tests to find out more

So many trade routes through Mali – especially the desert – over so many centuries. Perhaps a piece of early glass? A lot of birds pick up shiny things and move them around ? The pink/purple part makes me think it probably isn’t moonstone.