Need second oppinion

These photos were sent to me, and the green specimens almost resembles that of a chromium rich mineral. The part that is getting me is that it is fractured almost like fluorite, but the color tells me it looks almost like a vein of diopside…the blue specimen to me looks like a blue fluorite with a dark blue vein which looks like an azurite or lazulite appearance…any idea on what these could be?

the blue specimen show like chalcedony because the botryoidal like on that speciment,
the color of blue like dye

Both look like slag glass to me.

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We would rebuild our colored glass furnaces and have stuff that looked like that, The hot class is both corrosive erosive ,so the stuff would eat its way through the wall ,over time .But that is not saying some thing in nature could not look just like slag glass . Looks like a duck and i bet if you saw it in person it quacks like a duck . I am with Jeffery it looks like an old glass furnace wall chunk to me or slag glass. Ps i all ways did think it was cool stuff to look at .


Noted, thanks for all the feedback.

Slag glass to me too… not sure if you need a 4th opinion… In the blue/white rock, I think I see see curved flow marks (swirls) and gas bubbles. And both stones show conchoidal fractures… It’ll be interesting to see what they if you get them tested,

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