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Need help appraise my sapphires any suggestions?

Guys take a look at my sapphires any suggestions about colour, origins ? Has flaws!

Hi, fairly dark the 2nd from left has a bit of life, I don’t believe they are well cut,
difficult to pinpoint an origin, a lot of people probably would label them Australian, but they could be from India, Thailand, Vietnam. just as a guess

quality price not sure but I would not think a great deal
may be some of the other forum followers can give an idea as well

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I would agree with Syd the cutting does not look that good and so would hazard a guess that they may be African? I buy quite a lot of African rough Sapphire and whilst you do get some very nice pieces a great deal of it does cut dark. I never let my rough get cut in Africa always Sri Lanka, sadly African cutting is normally below standard in my experience.

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Have to agree with SydP and Chris777, cutting is poor and I can see unpolished sections and scratches on the facets. The stones don’t exude ‘life’ they don’t dance or attract your attention, I would suggest that the facet angles might be wrong which would explain why the stones are lifeless.

They might respond to being re-cut by a professional cutter, this might lighten the stones a bit, unlikely though, but could significantly improve their value. A lot will depend on what’s in the stone, silk, inclusions etc and where they are from.