Need an informal appraisal on Turquoise

I’m 70 and getting a divorce. My husband has “collected” many things, including a quantity of raw Turquoise. Some is in large pieces, some in shaved slabs, etc. I have to do an inventory and come up with some kind of “guesstimate” as to the value of his collections. Would anyone out there be willing to help me? I have pictures. One bin weighs four pounds, one weighs three pounds, and it goes down from there.

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Match the material with what is presented on eBay and you can get informal dollar per carat or dollar per gram values. After all, it is only worth what someone will pay you for it.

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I like working with the stone and suggest local lapidary clubs, rock hound clubs as a start along with eBay. Please message me as I am always interested in the stone.

Price varies drastically if stabilized or not, and localitly is equally as variable. But if its old and its Az. Or Nevada up to $800lb