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Natural Ruby -2.02carat


Dear All
This is natural certified African

ruby .No heat .2.02 carat .Loop clean.Any idea on price.


Hi, not sure if I agree with the Loupe clean there is a distinct healed fracture on the pavilion and some form of inclusions ??possibly rutile needles and crystal inclusions across the table and parts of the crown facets?? only my opinion but I would state the gem was slightly included.
good luck with a price


Dear friend
thank you for your reply.The stone is certified no treatment.The photographs are taken with 10x macrolens,So no healing of fractures.You are correct , rutile needles are seen slightly.


Did you buy the stone rough? If so, what did it weigh when rough and how much did you pay per carat? What was your polishing cost? If you bought the stone polished, what did you pay per carat? What lab “certified” it? ;))


This is a really nice stone, but again it is a different color under the table vs the outside edges of the crown. I can’t tell for sure, but I think this is windowed, too, like the sapphire discussed above. The cutting is pretty bad, too. Unfortunately, recutting would take you under the 2 ct mark. I would get an appraiser who could quote a projected grade when the color is uniform after the recut and then you would know what to do.


Dear friends
I am bad in Photography.The colour is uniform.well cut.I will try photography once again.It is as transparent as glass.In my 10 years experiance i have not seen a ruby more transparent than this stone.the colour is Pink red.Again to show inclusions I have photographed it this way, which I could not clearly show cut and clarity and color.I had purchased it for 1800USD per carat.Got it certified by IGI.Its no heat or treat…
Its Mozambique


Sorry to be skeptical, but your face up pictures show two colors, one under the table and one in the outskirts of the crown. Further, your picture of the pavilion (face down) looks to have a shallow angle in the culet…are you sure this stone does not window?


Thank you all
for your reply.I am sure, there is no window.Again as I said bad in photography to show exact color, and shade.But has same color, throughout.Any idea on pricing it as you perceive the color and stone from photo.


Good eye