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Natural rough diamonds


I am interested in natural rough diamonds ex Swiss or Germany.
As well without papers.
Only jewellery quality.High quality.
Weight: minimum 5 carat each stone
Color: D , E , F
Clarity: FL , IF , VVS
As well single big rough diamonds with 25 carats or much more.
And natural fancy/colored diamonds , in pink , red , blue , green
Payment after inspection in Swiss or German


Hello eurozone … After reading your posting, I felt I should offer you some information on rough diamonds. I am a NAJA Appraiser with a specialty in rough diamonds. According to the Diamond Education College in Johannesburg, South Africa of which I am a graduate of their Rough Evaluation Course; their Rough Diamond Marking & Planning Course; and their Rough Diamond Cutting & Polishing Course … there is no rough diamond graded for Color above “G” and no rough diamond graded for Clarity above VS2. Here is the reasoning for this: One never knows what a diamond is going to do when it is sawed and hits the heat stress of the cutting wheel. Diamonds change clarity and color all the time when they hit the wheel. FL, IF, and VVS are GIA Clarity grades for POLISHED stones. This becomes apparent when one looks at the definition of VVS1. Only one minute pinpoint visible from the PAVILION side of the finished stone qualifies as a VVS1. Until the stone is laid out and cut, you don’t even know where the crown or the pavilion will be. Flawless (FL) means not only are there NO internal Clarity characteristics, but the Outside of the FINISHED stone has no polishing faults. So if a rough diamond has not been cut and polished … then it has many polishing faults all over its surface. I trust this information is useful to you. Michael in Las Vegas. :smiley:


Are you still interested?