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Natural blue topaz from russia

Does anyone have a good source for natural, untreated Russian blue topaz?

Yes . Brazilian Blue topaz. Anything Russian should be boycotted.

I’m certainly not an expert on the subject, but was looking into some natural blue topaz stones for sale by Ravenstein Investment Gems. I’ve bought a few of their stones which are always well cut. I wrote to Katerina about the difference between Russian (Ural) stones and those from other locales. She wrote:

“Russian blue topaz has definitely higher market/collectors value compared to untreated blue topaz from Nigeria, Namibia or Brazil. Not only are these stones much harder to get (impossible to get right now), they have also a slightly different hue compared to most of those for mentions ones. I’m talking about stones from the famous Sherlovaya Gora in eastern Urals. The rarest Russian topaz is the green variety that I had only two or three of those in 43 years doing this business. Interestingly enough many of these topazes from Russia do have slight green age overtone on top of the light pastel blue or sky blue. The light pastel blue dress look blue even though sky blue is much more predominant and pleasant looking especially for jewelry.”

I don’t think the rough from Russia is recent if one is trying to boycott Russia goods due to their current disgusting military fiasco.