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Name of this (beautiful) cut?

Anyone have an official sounding name for this cut?

It’s a rectangular cut with a brilliant pavilion. I can’t make it out completely or exactly what the crown is. You can go to and search for rectangles and you will find similar cuts and their names. It isn’t anything particularly common. You can call it anything you like for drama or salesmanship or you can describe the pavilion (brilliant or maybe barion) and the crown. -royjohn

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This looks identical to a cut Swarovski uses on their CZ’s. They call it Mosaic but that may be a name they trademarked.

The cut is very similar to old-mine cut style crowns from what I can tell. I would suggest “Auld Mianach.”

This is the Carmel cut i invented in the 1970 without the final cullet facets.

Published in my book The dealers book of gems and diamonds…

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A note about the cut, these are to be set ‘pointy side up’ similar to rose cuts.

I was going to call them ‘modified rectangular cut corner rose cut’, but it’s just not terribly catchy…

Square or rectangular brilliant scissor cutt or radiant scissor cutting

I facet and in some of my books it’s called a French cut or French Cardinal Cut.

Thanks allwoodmike!

Unfortunately, looking up ‘French Cut Gems’ or ‘French Cardinal Cut Gems’ doesn’t yield results for gems that look ANYTHING like that.

I think I will baptize them ‘French Cardinal Cut / Rectangular Modified Rose Cut’

It’s a mouthful, but I can’t think of anything better…

Feel free to name this beautiful cut the " Brandy cut". :grin: Lol

‘Brandy Cut’ is pretty much just as correct as any other name (other than technical descriptions) any of us have come up with!

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Check out Facet Cutters Handbook by Edward J. Soukup, G.G., F.G.A. and look at the diagrams for Cardinal cut Double /French Cardinal cut.

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Thanks Mike, ordered it used.