Mystery Pink Stone - "Pink Tulip Quartz?!" - Nah!

I was told that these stones were “Pink Tulip Quartz” and assured that aside from cutting and polishing they were in their natural state.

I have been unable to find any information regarding Pink Tulip Quartz, and the stones don’t look like quartz at all. When I suggested that they might be Rhodochrosite or Rhodonite, the supplier said no, definitely not!

Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you in advance. I sure hate to mislead customers…

It most likely is a rose quartz. Not the usual light pink version. Or quartzite which is 90% quartz. There is a pink tulip quartz but it is a rose quartz that a designer renamed for her jewelry line.

Thank you for this… It solves the mystery of where the “pink Tulip” name came from!
This stone is totally opaque…

does this look like pink quartz. I’m not sure how to categorize yours. I hope it’s pink for your sake



Hi Steven - I’m not sure why why sent me these photos, and why you’re asking what my stone looks like. Are my pic not visible to you?

I’ve had a suggestion that this might be Pink Aventurine. That explanation “sits well” with me even though I know that positive identification cannot be made from a photo. Since Aventurine is a type of Quartz, at least I feel that I have not been mislead by the supplier. Thanks you guys!

My take on this PTQ is that it is a private marketing tool and certainly not a verified name. Other responders suggest this also. The suggestion that it is aventurine rings true. The layered pattern is consistent with aventurine whereas the others do not. I just looked through may collection of aventurine spheres and see a similar hue in one pink one. Pretty stuff whatever it turns out to be.

The pieces of rough could easily be rose quartz but look nothing like the cabochons shown at the outset. The views show translucency whereas the cabochons look opaque as suggested.

Bob Ritchie

Thank you so much Bob.