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My toys all got here today!

Today my trim-saw grinder combo, and my brand-new variable-speed Sterling lapidary handpiece faceting machine, along with their entire lap package and every other accessory they sell have all arrived! :grin:

I had to pick the crate up from the cargo area of the airport, but it was very easy, and now I have an entire workshop worth of fantastic equipment!

In addition to Sterling lapidary’s traditional zinc, copper, lead, lucite, and felt laps I also got the D’lite 1200 and 3000 diamond laps to see if they work as well as the old nubond laps were supposed to. I also got the gearloose high performance starter set, which comes with a zinc+ for 3000 pcd, a batt lap for 60k pcd, a darkside with the full of four set of oxide sticks, and I couldn’t stop myself from picking up the matrix composite ceramic lap and some 100k pcd.


Awesome. Hope you get along with your equipment

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I spent all day today just getting things set up and organized.

I also calibrated one of the hand pieces using the method @justinkprim outlined in his video on the IGT YouTube channel.

I did have to spend some time on the forward backward calibration, but now it seems to be aligned okay in all three dimensions.

So tomorrow will be my first attempt to use the equipment for an actual Jewel.


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That is a full on set of the best of the best - you must’ve won the lottery - really nice setup!!

I have three Corian laps and two copper - the rest are steel on aluminum (2) masters finally breaking them in.

I’m just recently re-entering faceting from 35 years ago when work required round the clock attention.

Keep us informed - those exotic laps are most intriguing - great images - thanks!

Congrats. Post a pic of your first stone! Looking forward to seeing it.