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My new ruby

3.79 ct. CIA certificated, not heated
What do you say?

Nice stone, but, you should have paid the extra money and had origin done.

‘Semi Transparent’ seems a little harsh as the transparency grade!

Hi. Correct. But i know that original is Ahganistan

what would be the value of this stone

hello. i sell it for 6000$

It is gorgeous! You might consider keeping it as an heirloom.

Ruby’s like that don’t come around very often for almost any price.

I’m gem seller :slight_smile:

Well then you were in a good position to sell! :wink:

it for sell now

I believe you are asking far too much for that ruby??

I believe it is right price.

Of course you would you are the seller, Oh by the way this forum is for general discussion not for selling