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My new Gemcutting book is now available

In case you were interested, my new book The Secret Teachings of Gemcutting is now available to order. Orders start shipping October 1.

The Secret Teachings of Gemcutting is a collection of the world’s most popular and jealously guarded gemstone designs. These are accompanied with a straight forward explanation of their logic and the techniques necessary to unleash their greatest potential for beauty and profit. Cutting diagrams are presented with full color photos, historical background, cutting advice, as well as design information. This volume will prove useful to gemcutters who want to cut these market-essential designs, to jewelers who need a visual reference for presenting different gemstone styles to their customers, as well as to gemstone enthusiasts who want to understand the process of how and why a pebble can become one of the most value-rich objects in the world. The opportunities available to any reader of this book have never before in history been open to the public until now.

Order here:

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l have 2 flawless mint merelani garnet rough. Perform to have minimal waste. Got them in 2005. Interested?