My First here. I have a question about Musgravite. I know it is a rare stone and buyer beware. I have seen some on the market and am curious about the stone some are very pretty. Does anyone know or have any testing information on this stone. Thanks

Look up the values for RI, birefringence, SG and hardness at the Wikipedia article on the stone. They list it as very, very rare, from one locality in Australia, valued at about $35,000/ct. If I was actually looking to buy this, I would be sure it had a GIA or similar cert and beware of a forgery or other skullduggery. I’d let a competent gemologist/appraiser handle the sale. Do you really have the cash to be messing with something this expensive? There are lots of other gems to fool with… and a lot that are more colorful and beautiful…LOL…-royjohn

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I believe the stone is fake. They are saying that they have a cert. for the stone. But looking at that certification I’m sure it’s fake. I also did some more investigation. They are all over ETSY. How do they get away with this?
Thanks for your reply.

I personally understand the qualms of sketchy sellers online. I am not sure if the certificate is from this lab, as from what I can read, they seem to be a reliable organization to identify gemstones:

Unfortunately, GIA doesn’t have a lab there in Australia. Otherwise, i would recommend asking the seller to send in that gemstone prior to purchase. Personally, for the more expensive gemstones I sell, I would in a heartbeat send in a gemstone at a customer’s request as part of the sale to the GIA lab here in the USA.

Could you post a picture of the cert they say is for this gemstone?

It is very sad, but fraud seems to be able to go on and on. Just just on the internet. There is a seller in the Diamond District of NYC that was caught on 60 Minutes. He went back to selling not long after all of it. It is always buyer beware. Do not be greedy and take your time. November 2022 even famed and highly respected Christies Auctions did not do there due diligence and offered for sale a stolen large and important pink diamond. The was pulled before the auction and returned to the rightful owner. The person who consigned the stolen pink diamond bought it legimately and they they got a very good deal. Instead, they lost the money they used to buy the pink diamond since it was stolen. It does not matter that they thought they were buying something legitimately. And Christies repuation is damage. Pink Diamond Pulled from Christie’s Was Allegedly Stolen Property - Rapaport

It is a sad reality of the gem world. Becarful out there.

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