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Moss agate or jade

Doesn’t look like Jade. You can try two thing: place light behind it. If you can see the light on the other side that is good. If not….not Jade.

Jade is very hard. Find a very hidden area inside the bangle and with a sharp knife try to cut it. Jade does not get scratched with a blade.

Scratch testing with a blade is not suggested unless you know the hardness of the blade.

Jadeite is 6.5 to 7 and nephrite is 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.
Ordinary steel tends to be around 4-4.5 Most knives round around 5 -5.5 while premium knives (professional kitchen knives, some collectors knives) can be as hard as 7. Hardened steels such as tool steels (including many files) can reach hardness ratings upto 8.

This involved doing conversions between Rockwell, Vickers, and Mohs scales, so the values are likely not precise.

Also, an agate, if that is what this is, is hardness 7. So the scratch test will not tell you much.

I do not believe the color or transparency is consistent to jade. I have heard that if you wrap a hair around the jade then hold an open flame to the hair, it will not burn, because of the ambient temperature of the jade. Has anyone else heard about this flame test for jade?

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You are correct on the hair trick. This is an old fashioned thrice in the trade and it does work. I’ve don’t this at fairs and other shows when I’ve had people try to sell me jade that really was not jade and they knew it. It is always fun to catch them out. Lol
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I have Jade bracelets that look very similar to those in the photo