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Someone sent me a picture of these beads claiming to be AAA grade Morganite. I didn’t think they could be Morganite because of the variety of colors, or AAA grade because of the opacity.

Beryl beads?

Have to test but. All those is not good quality never comes in beads

I think you have to be pretty hard headed in the gem world. Morganite, as you should know, is pink to pink-orange beryl. When someone says a strand of beads of various colors is morganite, they are either very ignorant or just trying to cheat you. They could be low grade beryl of various colors, but who cares? They would be nice costume jewelry, but are unlikely to even all be beryl. I’d be curious as to the price, but I would guess these are overpriced and probably not even beryl. Where do they come from and who is the seller?

Yes, I do know that Morganite is peachy pink, and that it is translucent to transparent. That is why I did not believe these beads could be Morganite. As I said, someone sent the picture to me. I thought it would be interesting to hear some other people’s reactions to it and what it could be. I would not purchase from unknown vendors, as this one was. That is what I advised the person who sent the picture to me as well.

AAA??? Not Morganite by any stretch of the imagination. I re-cut a badly damaged 10ct Morganite gem a few months ago, and it was AAA, it makes the beads look like plastic.

Those are mixed beryl beads. While not gemstone quality; they are bead quality. Morganite, Aquamarine and green, yellow beryl. I do own both crystal clear morganite and high quality bead morganite.
I sold a necklace using the beads with a faceted pendant.

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Exactly what I thought.

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Thanks for bringing up the difference between gem quality and bead quality. Since there is no mutually agreed upon grading scale for gemstone beads, some sellers make fantastical claims like this one. The only Beryl I have previously seen as beads were Aquamarine, and it was not good quality. I would rather use Amazonite than poor quality Aquamarine. Obviously the highest quality gems are cut as individual stones for setting in rings and earrings and are not available as beads. I have been fortunate to get some very nice quality Amethyst beads, and read with interest the articles about lab grown Amethyst. I came across some at one time that I thought was lab grown and sent it back, and I had some Citrine that I knew was lab grown, but it is so hard to find natural Citrine beads that I kept those, but the good quality Amethyst I have now is natural. I have seen some poor quality Amethyst, with brown, white and clear Quartz inclusions listed as AAA, which made me laugh as much as these Beryl beads made some of you laugh who have worked with good quality of these stones.