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Montana stone identification

Hi, my name is Tyler. I’ve been finding a lot of what I think are agates, specifically blue lace, and would like to learn more about stone identification and attributes. ![image|666x500](upload://o9h2G7mIzp0zAKGkRPuphvzUgiC.jpeg) ![image|666x500](upload://nd6zSE6rUvSjxHZFPg3Pch2uem0.jpeg) ![image|666x500](upload://ggPuh34T5OtHAzVwHhoDKeHkN1j.jpeg)

Hi Tyler, cannot seem to open images thanks

As a pro member, start reading through the gem library… Keep in mind that most of the material on site are focused more towards gem grade (facet/cab) type material. So identification may be a bit harder.

A source to may find helpful is located here: How to Recognize Rough Agate | Sciencing

Thank you, I’ll do that. Seems like most information I find is geared towards that. That’s ok, learning about both.I appreciate the link as well, reinforcing what I think I know. :slight_smile: perhaps I’ll try one specific stone next time, rather than asking people to identify 150 various rocks. :rofl: