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Moldovite, space glass


This is a nice example of Czeck moldovite, space glass, fairly clean, good color, under a scope, u can see gas bubbles & traces thru the stone & telltale inclusions. This will make a nice pendent because it is a 5 on the mohos scale, not a real hard stone, its glass & rare in its own realm. the weight of this oval is 19cts, & 22x16x10mm in size-steve…


This is an update to the original post, this piece of glass was appraised & examined & as I figured when bought, it is not Moldavite, as I usually joke about stuff as this, if u look hard enough u might find the 7-up logo on the stone, just green glass, the closest to space was in the airplane that delivered it to the USA. The seller, very nice but illinformed, states that moldavite is glass so all glass is moldavite to an extent, WRONG! There is quite a bit of difference in the nice green stuff on the web, so buyer beware, this stone is taking another “space ride” back to the seller. The cost was low & is not an issue-steve…


An ultimate guide how to identify natural moldavites and fakes: