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Is there an place online where I can find loose, cut, Moldavite decorative stones, that I can know to be legit? I figure something like Ebay is not a good place to look. I would like to buy online. But, I would like some sort of reasonable assurance that it isn’t the same thing a teenage girl bedazzles her jeans with you know?


helleri, ebay is one of the best locations to buy from-b sure the moldavite is from the check republic. Its basically space glass & makes great jewelry, hardness @ 6-7 on the scale. Not expensive with a dullish green color. On ebay look for extremegems who has a nice assort. of gems. Inclusions r a good thing in this case-they will help id the stone easier, just not a lot of inclusions needed. Enjoy ur hunt for this material-m76…


“Extremegems” seller has “from Thailand” on all their descriptions. But, you said to make sure it’s from the check republic. I am confused.


helleri, good question, the people in Thailand are companies who buy rough, raw material, & cut these stones for sale. There r many companies who do this, but check to see that the material is from the location of the ck. republic. Extremegems is a company that sells this material u seek. I cant tell u how many sales Ive made from this location, the prices Ive paid r literally pennies on the dollar & my appraisals back this up. These people will answer almost all questions u may have, so ask. In most cases if an offer is asked for, u can usually offer a price a few dollars below the asking price but do ask for origin on the moldavite gems-there is only 1 origin-m76…


Oh okay…I also Read further on the page. They, have more info on it on a table, and it does list the origin as as that. Thank you for the information.


We bought some really nice Moldavite at the Tucson Gem Show a few years back, both faceted as well as rough. There are plenty of resources for this fabulous material. I would suggest that you go on the gemstones board on this site and post a “want to buy Moldavite” thread and I am certain you will find plenty of resources you can choose from.
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If you are interested in moladvites


Not my intent to be critical of anyone’s spelling, but to help in avoiding confusion, I’m sure that he meant Czech Republic.


Hi, A E Wards in uk has some around £70.00 ive seen it in there. hope this helps.




I’ve been thinking about your question about moldavite.
Origin: Whether you are buying cut or rough, this comes only from the Czech Republic. You will probably have to buy from a dealer, because the CR gov’t is very picky about anyone coming into the area to dig for the stones.
Color: Wide range. Look at good pictures of this stone. It ranges from a pale yellowy-green to almost black. Bubble inclusions are great; they contain the atmosphere on earth when the meteorite hit and exploded!
Size: Well, yeah. The bigger the better. But bigger is expensive.
Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable dealer, and ask about appraisals.