Moldavite. Museum grade

5 ct.

I am sorry how do you grade Moldavite? moldavites has pits and wrinkles on the surface.this looks like it may be German German beer bottle . Museum grade ? No.

Is this any better

I appreciate your response I’m sure you’re right but the specific gravity was down in that range. I sent a few more pictures. Do you think this could be moldavite again specific gravity was in the range the hue seems to be there maybe. I’ve prospected so many different specimens sometimes I think my head spinning off lol. If you’re interested I have a lot of different stuff for you to look at if you have the time.

Ok my bad , you “might” have a chip of Moldavite. How To Spot fake Moldavite versus real | Innervision Crystals — InnerVision Crystals . This is a good place too look at real Moldavite . The first photos you sent do looks like glass . The low SG of moldavite is tough to fake most soda glass is 2.5 or so . Some container glass can be as low as 2.4 and the top end of Moldavite is 2.38 . just saying.

Hey don’t be sorry were all in this together. I don’t know if I’m correct either. Thanks for your interest stay in touch I love to learn from anybody.


I’m also wondering if it’s sepentine I’m waiting for a lab type scale to arrive I’ll try the sp. again I’ll keep you posted