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Moissanite longevity and potential for a market spike

With moissanite becoming increasingly popular and the fact that its properties are very similar and can hold its own against mined diamonds, in someone’s expert opinion, do you think moissanite is a good investment, and do you foresee a price increase in the not so distant future? I myself think Moissanite is far superior gem than the rather abundant, heavily included, and over-marketed diamond. I find the overall appearance and size availability a much more lucrative cholce. Your thought whatever they may be is much appreciated. Thank you

Synthetics, such as moissanite, which can be manufactured in unlimited quantities, have ZERO investment value.

You asked, and, I’ll be honest, all the times you have been duped and bought synthetic stones, and now, here you are advocating for Moissanite, I’m not sure if gemstones are really for you. Just a thought, but it might be worth looking at a new hobby.


The best investment in gemstone area some question have to ask your self
1 do I have client for this type of stone ?
2 mossonite natural or synthetic is not investment and spoiled business reputation
The best stone to invest is that you have Costumers to buy

If you are interested in my humble opinion, any man made gem is nothing more than expensive plastic & I hate plastic, & this even includes synthetic “diamonds”. Investment value : Minus zero.
If you are in this only for the money a “good”(?) salesman makes money out of anything.

Here at Luxuria Diamonds we market engagement rings with diamond simulants such as moissanite, cubic zirconia and white sapphire in addition to offering rings with natural diamonds.

We do find there is a lot of customer confusion over differences between diamond simulants and synthetics - with many customers having an overrated view of Moissanite.

We don’t see moissanite as a good investment due to its abundance. Further, as prices for synthetic (lab created) diamond continue to drop we see that as a superior choice for those who can’t afford natural mined diamond or object to mine diamond for personal reasons.

I do not like synthetics except for costume jewelry.

Moissanite is an attractive lab created gemstone. Depending on the manufacture and skill of the cutter, a very beautiful gem can result.
Investment? No.
Moissanite is lab created so any amount can be made. Back when Charles and Colvard had the patent, 1 carat at around H / I colour was $1,000. Since expiry of patent everyone and anyone can and does create and sell Moissanite. I’ve seen it for less than $100 a carat. So as a diamond alternative as a pretty, sparkly stone, made in a lab it is popular but as for an investment, never.
There will never be a scarcity combined with demand to drive prices up.

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I agree that it is a very taboo subject within the jeweler’s realm But I as well as many others in the field, purely as a hobby, see nothing wrong in relishing in the beauty and perfection of such a stone that is so closely related to a diamond in brilliance and longevity and even surpassing its perfection and yet so expertly crafted by human hands. At least we can do something right which satisfies our desire to sparkle and shine at zero the cost of damage to the earth or ourselves because I think we’ve done enough of that already… I mean considering our nature to rape and pillage the earth,our history for oppression over others we deem as lesser humans, and the countless lives that are sacrificed every day in our pursuit of the almighty dollar until the day comes when we get the bill and the total staring back at us is extinction. AWe are flawed and perfect at almost nothing. So what will we have to show when it’s last call? I can think of nothing more perfect than a Moissanite. Daimonds are abundant yet De Beers made them our best friend heavily flawed and then some but worthy as well more than human lives as we perceive them to procure? I remember the day Mrs, Dennis came home and tried to explain how Debbie’s father wasn’t coming home from the mine. Ever. I do however understand the impact it is imposing upon jewelers, collectors and investors of fine stones but isn’t that to be expected with progress. The same kind of phenominon is about to breech the oil industry very we develope cleaner more sustainable and more importantly free energy sources. I can imagine the oil barons of the world will also make their arguments for such tecnology very well known perhaps ieven in more threatening terms as our hesitation to enact reform for such things in our immediate would suggest. Whether disclosure comes from the higher up now or later, we have the technology now to impliment it. I can even see the eventual abolishment of mining for gemstones for any other purpose other than for industrial applications. lest fracking leads to more poisoning of our earth ond the loss of lives both man and beast. You have to admit we haven’t acted all that responsibly and even worse refuse any accountability when we make it go boom. Papi. Instead of me changing my interest especially after a lifetime of oppression, victimization and abuse I can pretty much garuntee you that isn’t ever going to happen. Perhaps you shouldn’t display such contempt for man’s ability to still evolve and move forward Even after all that we’ve done and/or consumed… I’m losing my life to a disease I never asked for and one that most assuredly can be cured. In spite of my efforts and ability to resist I know I have to just suck it up and enjoy whatever peaks my interest While I still am able to do so. Not only that, I still show my respect for the doctors, biophysicists and those who control the sharing of such extraordinary advancements not to mention those who control the almighty dollar and release of patented cures and effective treatments backed up and held up because of that very subject. I will take from your advice that as with anything trading on the world market, supply and demand, as well as inflation, will ultimately dictate its future and value. You shouldn’t worry so much about its popularity. that almost never really affects the price. Probably. Thank you so much for such expert advice. I believe I will continue as I have been all along and the future will have to wait to be seen. The outcome of course will also be man-made so for now I shall admire the brilliance of the stone, the ability to possess it, and as you stated; continue to express my support for man’s accomplishment in creating something as beautiful and so comparable to that of a diamond yet taxes nothing from the planet or our technological advancement, But yes, I do understand that as with a lot of things we do it might take from the pockets of wealthy jewelers and that of diamond owners should the depreciation of a diamond become apparent, albeit dishearteningly. Perhaps diamond owners can assist with the advancement of new technologies requiring such gemstones to produce. Almost everyone owns a diamond thanks to the brilliant marketing techniques developed by DeBeers. Diamond owners rather than for money could invest in our future. You’ve been a great help.

Totally agree with you. Although it helps to have a product that appeals to the eyes of man. It’s just so darn pretty…

This junk called moissanite is great for people who use a Rolex made in Paraguay, Louis Vuitton bag , RayBan & Nike purchased for a few bucks om Bangood or alibaba.
My 2 cents.

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Well, what one person may consider worthless could be highly prized or valued by someone else as the old proverb goes.

There is a place for moissanite and other diamond simulants to, so long as they are not misleadingly sold.

It’s been a grim year for natural diamonds. Rough diamond prices down between 15% and 27%.

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The publicly traded company “Charles and Colvard” nearly went bust in the Moissanite market and has now had to diversify into lab created diamonds to maybe survive.

As a Moissanite cutter this stuff is bling on a grand scale and women love it. Higher dispersion than diamond. Love cutting it.

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Fake is the new chic.
I hate it.

PS:Nothing personal.

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Lots of jewellery pieces are offered to me with CZ’s, I wont touch them. “Zero damage to the planet”? Im sorry, but what do they make synthetics with…minerals. How do they get the minerals…mining companies. I have spent many years working working earthmoving/mining/major construction industries and believe me, they do not care what damage they do to the planet.

I think moissanite is stunning on the whole, very bling bling as mentioned above. Though I really will try my best to have nothing un-natural in my sales list. Its just not for me, and I dont see that if thousands of people around the world are making it and selling it online themselves how you will compete against them?

I wish you all the best but! At least I know Im not competing against you should I have actual diamonds to sell :slight_smile:

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So… I’m

I’m as sure as I can be that you are wrong.

I don’t carry any synthetics/imitations/fakes and I don’t intend to.

It’s been my experience that prices for synthetics/imitations go in only one direction: Down

Synthetic Moissanite requires natural silicon & carbon to create, both of which are extremely plentiful.