Mixing gemstones together in a pouch

Hello everyone. It has been awhile since I have been on here. I’ve recently revisted my fascination of gemstones and dug out my “collection” to continue studying learning.

Without going in to the reason for doing so I would like to ask for an opinion of keeping different types of gemstones mixed together in a pouch/bag/satchel or whatever you would like to call it. I do understand the basics of the Mohs scale and hardness of gems etc. however I would like to know if keeping stones together are really going to significantly “damage” eachother.

When I decided I needed to set my hobby aside I wanted to condense my tools and collection for storage and I basically put all of my gems from their individual specimen containers into one small velvet bag. At the time I was aware that they could scratch or dull eachother but since they are all non precious stones and are not very large/heavy it was not much of a concern. They are all faceted lose and natural stones, I would say in total maybe 500cts. The quality of about 1/4 of them are very good with excellent clarity and minimal inclusions. Most of them are small around 1-3cts or less but there are also a lot of larger 10+ct stones also (most of these are not very good quality). They range from 5.5 up to 8(8.5 maybe) on the mohs (with the exception of only a few very small (less than .5ct) corundum if any at all and a few diamonds the size of the ball of a pen or smaller. I would say the majority of them are topaz, quartz and citrine and peridot.

So my question is:
If I keep these stones mixed together, do I realistically need to worry about them being significantly damaged anytime in the near future? Again I would like an opinion based on the question itself without going in to “why” I am keeping them this way.

Thank you!

Hi Patrick, if these stones are not moved around or you do not carry them on you and they are moved transported regularly, I would not think that the softer gems would have any significant scratching etc.
It would only be if they were being moved or tipped out put back in regularly.

that is my thought on the matter it might be others have a different view.