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Mineral Lab Emersion Cells Self destruct! BEWARE of this product!

So recently I purchased an immersion cell ( without telling the name of the seller) that well to be honest was junk. It was basically a small 1/2 oz vial glues to a concave plexiglass stand. After literally one use the glue dissolved and broke down the Plexiglass stand and it all started to fog up the viewing porthole at the bottom. So I contacted the seller and his excuse was he’s selling old estate immersion cells and it simply must be that the glue used was going bad but and it’s happening on others, at the same time he would not replace the $40+ dollar cell. So I asked him " Why are you selling these on line if you know this to be true?" No answer to date. So beware of Mineral Lab Emersion Cell. Anyone else have this happen? Also does anyone else have a good emersion cell they can recommend?