Milano jewelry Week

Has anyone displayed their work at the Milano jewelry week.?We have been invited to display two new pieces in the artistic part of the show.

Would love to know if this helped anyone’s business. We have only designed 3 pieces and started in January, one of the designs is in the A design awards, we won’t win so we cannot sell that piece until late April.
The Milano week isn’t until October but we have to put in our entries next week.
Would love members from the igs to subscribe to our website as we are not known designers.
Kind Regards to everyone

thanks for the response to my query but I can’t get into your website… I did write you a response. just from your description, your designs are spectacular yet tasteful… I’d love to see your pieces. Although I quit making jewelry years ago, I still am on the ganoskin/orchid website where I can contribute my years of trial and error experience. Executing your designs sounds like it requires formidable and exacting craftsmanship… both design and craftsmanship are the jeweler’s art… something that I really do want to see… thanks