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Members warned a while ago detailed. Hope it helps other members

A long one I am afraid so please read on and hopefully you will learn from my stupidity!

A while ago I wrote to warn IGS members of someone that was, shall we say not honest in Pakistan. Lots of members asked me to name, names and I refrained from doing so. Partly I think to protect my own ego :laughing:. Time for me to own up and put my ego to one side. I have spent two plus years, in fact, very nearly, three imparting both knowledge and finance to a man called Ijazz Williams in Pakistan (who also works under the name of his wife Saba and Ibanx global). I have helped him financially on the promise of receiving gemstones, both rough and cut. He will make numerous promises (and excuses) and will send you a little (nothing like the pictures or the promises) which will not be the species he tells you they are. There is always something that is “due to be shipped” that never arrives. Yes, I can hear you saying how foolish it is to keep having faith, my paranoia should have been listened to but do we not all do the same in honesty… hope springs eternal that human nature is good! The reason I write this at last is so that others do not make the same mistake as me. Please, if you are dealing with this person or for that matter anyone make sure you see something physical BEFORE you part with your hard earned. There is also the fact of parting with knowledge… I have been in the gem game for a fair time so have reasonable knowledge. If you take a course you pay, if you learn by experience, going to sites or even mining, it costs. So why give the knowledge you paid for away for free? As I did and more! I believe this person is a member of this society and does an injustice to the IGS and its members by bringing the industry into disrepute. I would implore members to be a lot more careful than I and to be more suspicious. People are unscrupulous and will take what they can, and this industry needs to be more transparent and trustworthy. There will always be people that try to pull a fast one but let us protect ourselves as far as possible. Try to get at least part of a shipment before sending money, at least that way you will have something to hand before you send something, send a percentage then on arrival of the goods the rest. Maybe use a neutral intermediary. But however, you do it please do so with less trust than I did! In summary, these types of people have no morals or principles. In this case the person even used his disabled daughter to extract more finance saying she was sick etc. Yes, I was a fool to be soft enough to be taken in by this and it is sad that we can have little faith in the honesty of human nature, so please members be careful, and I hope that having sent this to support the IGS will take action and at least remove this person from the platform. People such as this damage the industry, the name of others from the same region and their country as a whole.


Thanks for bringing this up, Chris. Most folks in the gem trade do not want to be involved in cheating people, as word gets around and pretty soon you cannot sell to the trade. However, now that the internet has made it possible to sell to anyone, anywhere, there are unscrupulous people who find and prey on the unwary. I usually buy only rough, so that limits my exposure somewhat. Usually I only buy from folks I know and I test my purchases to be sure they are what they are purported to be. Lately I have been buying in some Facebook groups, but I always use a credit card and Paypal, so I have some buyer protection and can reverse a sale if something goes wrong. I also buy in small lots, so that if there is some problem, my exposure is limited. Have packages sent with signature on delivery, too, to avoid some opportunities for larceny. Always be careful and be aware that if it seems too good to be true, it is.


I too have had a bad dealing with Ijaz William. At first he did send me good stones such as Ruby and Emerald, Recently he has done nothing and is a total Fraud. Do not deal with this Man.

You are not the only person. Ijaz has done exactly the same thing to me, Telling me he has sick children and needs money, will be sending stones… Etc. He is just another con man. What little material he did send was not of high quality, and now he will send nothing, not even a reply.

Probably the emerald and ruby I paid for :blush:
Loathe as I am to admit it I was even in the process of getting him visa’s through a lawyer to come with his family. This man should be removed from the IGS as a member as I am sure there are others yet to admit they have been caught out in a similar manner and members should make every effort to stop these type of people from destroying the name of the gem trade. The idiocy of this is not only borne by those he has caught but also by him, it is short sighted. Had he have made at least an attempt to supply decent material (the material he shows pictures of) he would have everything he needs and more. I had lined up some big names in the industry and he could have been supported well as I say even to the point of moving to new pastures where life would be improved immensely so the stupidity lies with him as well, Even reasonable material would have secured him a good future and everyone would have benefitted. We need to stop these type of people as I said from ruining our industry. Honesty and hard work are what brings long term benefits not scams that are always short term that also destroy the industry and reputations…

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This is the persons number by the way should anyone be contacted and he uses a different name. +92 341 5955869. He will tell you he has every type of stone but in truth he has only very poor quality.

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We’ve searched for Ijaz William and Saba Ijaz, as well as various iterations of these names, and these people are not members of IGS. If anyone has contact with them and they present themselves as IGS members and are using another alias, please send us a message using the IGS Contact Form so we can look into this.

IGS Admin


I have been contacted by him via WhatsApp and he did try to pressure me into buying his stones sight unseen. I told him I would NOT under any circumstance do so without seeing any product. He was quite adamant about selling to me with the full price up front. Sounded too good to be true. Glad I passed him up.
All the best on all of your future dealings.

Hiya hope you are well. Yes be very careful! What sort of stones did he offer you? Was it recent? Say hello to Charlie.

Ya-tee-he Chris,
He offered emeralds, rubies and tourmaline.
It’s been about 8-9 months since I’ve heard from him. I let him know that I was not buying unless I could see what the product was. He kept pushing and did used his sick family as a need for a quick sale. I told him that I still needed to see what I was getting. Shame there are so many scammers out there. They give us all a bad name.
Charlie is moving a bit slow right now. He is recovering from a serious fall where he broke his neck. Did not hurt the pavement with his head. Lol. Scary there for a bit but much better now. He sends his best.

Thanks Otter,
Glad you are both ok. Will give you a shout in a few days.

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I’m in and out. Will be great to hear from you.