Member needs help identifying stone

Found this stone at a site that I have been investigating as an impact site. The data that I have collected suggest that it could be black beryl. I had an edx scan done on the rock but was told afterwards that it could not detect something as light as beryllium but it did detect Si, Al, O and a trace amount of Fe, which are known to make up black beryl, but I’m aware that doesn’t mean it is black beryl.

Any assistance is appreciated from the IGS community.

Not sure forgive my ignorance, but I was always of the opinion that silica, aluminium Oxide with some Fe thrown in was corundum.
It might be that if you have access to equipment to undertake a specific gravity test this may point you in the right direction.

good luck

This is a family heirloom. Need help and opinion on this chicken blood stone

The Raman spectrum reading indicates that there is too much silicon present to be corundum. Otherwise, I would have agreed with syd-prickett about the fact that silicon impurities MIGHT be found in corundum. Iron, Alumnium and Oxygen are common to normally bluish colored sapphires from the corundum family.

This stone was gifted to me by my grandad around 80s any idea to which class of ruby this belongs and it rarity. Around 10ct. Is it worth getting certified?

Here is the front pic just in case

Anyone know what this gem is? Please help me

What background info do you have to support that it is a Ruby ? Where did your Granddad acquire the stone ? Just looking at the photos you provided, one could say that this stone could possibly be in the Garnet family, or even a variety of Tourmaline known as Rubillite. You should have it tested to confirm what it is first, then you can better judge its value or rarity.
Good Luck !

Response to Swarnava post 28 Aug 2015

Thank you for your response. Agree while I was not receiving any response I have given it for certification to our government research institute. Unfortunately no info received from him as I was a kid when he gave this to me saying it is a ruby and he is no more hence I have no other way other than certification to identify what it is

Please let us know when you receive the certification report, it may help others with same questions about their gems. Once you know what you have, you can research its value. At 10cts large stones like that command a higher value, whether its a Ruby or something else… Good luck :slight_smile:

Sure will do. Thanks for all your help