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Meaning of STL?


I am probably being dense but can anyone tell me the meaning of STL? It is on a certificate I have for a stone.
Oh and I have some very nice African sapphire, ruby, garnet, amethyst and emerald available (cut in Sri lanka not native cut).


a copy of the certificate may help to answer your question on STL Chris??


I believe it’s Semi Translucent


Thank you, You are quite correct. After a lot of research i finally found it! It seems to be a lesser but becoming a more popular abbreviation.


Hello Chris!
I stay in Vienna, Austria. I am interested in untreated natural best Stones: Sapphires, colombian
Emeralds and if possible Burmese rubis, all VVS or better. If you want make an offer, pls do it. , Kurt Zalka

Best wishes,