Market understanding

Interesting article for market risk today. There are huge differences in market culture.

In the EU we want to be objective. If we follow our hearts we strive to do it in a fair way. When we appraise items we are conservative. We always obey official rules be those of a company or society. We are not always consistent in our assessments, but everyone knows that all subjects are complex.

If you want to bid on only +3ct gems at an auction you have to work hard. We ofcourse don’t put this information in the headline. This would be unfair to those with minor stones. You have to click on the thumbnail, -and you still don’t get the information here unless the gem has a certificate that states the stone has been taken out of the ring, pendant etc. and you have the precise weight of the stone. Otherwise you have to open the condition report to see the estimated weight.

In the US and Hong Kong the headline for my ring had probably been “6.8 ct. rare emerald” or “Important 6.8 ct. emerald”, but you are not allowed to promote this way in the EU. Now it is “Bulgari emerald and diamond ring” which is objective, company rule and fair to all.

The diamonds aren’t described but by carat. Not mentioned by a word that they are VVS-VS and E-F-G. So much for having a ring of a lifetime, and making the same mistake twice.

There are several nice (amateur opinion) untreated sapphires in Paris that are not bid on yet, -if someone in this forum has special interest i this gem.