Make your money quick!

Hi there dear readers: We have two fully mobil gold prospecting/processing plants for sail. They are fully automated as-well as having a 3 process crushing system to ensure that you loos non of you gold, and a four times four sieveing process with a lockable tope cover’s to protect from any one being able to get anywhere near your processed gold intake. With these plants we have managed to take out as much as from 25 to 40 grams out of 1.5 to 2 tones of ref rock depending on how densely gold saturated your base material is to start with you will maximise your intake with the machines. The are built to last and the vehicles that they are built on are currently up to date and are in good running order. the plants are as compact as can be for such complex and functional mobile plant. the plants where built to move freely and easily through African without having to worry about all the limitations of wild and untamed Africa. They are deferentially built for convenience and to maximising there duties of a gold prospector / miner! the plants are easliy adapted for dredge mining as well. Please call or contact me for picture /video’s or any other needed information such as price and or technical questions. Best regards Jarryed. +27 7128 17588 on WhatsApp or on call.