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Loose gem stone buyers


Hi Guys, my business has newly joined IGS and i’m hoping you can help me with some info. Do you know companies or private people that are interested in buying loose rough and cut and polished stones? I have rubies, sapphires, emeralds and tourmalines in various shapes and sizes.
The stones originate from Zambia and Congo and they are E.G.L certified. I also create unique jewellery pieces with the stones. Thanks, Natasha


Hi Natasha
you can send me info i will see what i can do with.


I am in the same boat. I have a lifetime of faceting in a few hundred stones that I need to sell. Any and all help appreciated.
I have tried selling on the auction sites, but I discovered that they are the place to buy, not sell from. I am now approaching 70 and could use the liquidated assets to live on. SS is a joke!


Hiya, there,

I’m Renata Pasztor Devcsics, the founder of ReniGem.

I have already registered my business on IGS page.

We deal with finest quality hand cut gemstones in Hungary and we are the ones who hand cut the gemstones.

Would you help me with some information?

I’m looking for private individuals who are interested in custom cut gemstones and purchasing them.

I have/am in the possession of sapphire, tourmaline and Arizona peridot.

We always provide you with a certificate about each stone.

Thanking you in advance if you help me.