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Looking to Trade Star Rubies and Sapphires

Hi there

I’m looking to diversify my collection of star rubies and sapphires, and I was wondering if anyone here is interested in trade.

I have red (ruby), purple, black, and pink star sapphire, in both rough and polished. I have several large crystals as well. I’m looking specifically for mineral specimens, things like

Quartz clusters
Tourmaline csrytals

I’m open to anything. I’ll cover shipping.



I have a lot of Australian bolder opal. Interested in that?

Hi there

Yes! I’m looking for opal specimens. I’d love to see pictures.

What type of material are you looking for? can I send some specific pictures?

Thank you!

Here’s a few samples. I’ve got about 15 kg, mostly smaller ones. Material I’d like is rough. Not the Indian stuff, tho.

Really nice!

I’d love to make a trade.

All my stuff comes from Africa, so no worries there.

What sizes and colors of are you primarily interested in?

That’s a little open ended. My preference tends to the second from the bottom - assuming it stars like the first one.